About us

When you are passionate about what you do, it shows.

A hands-on approach to each account assures we can offer correct answers to questions when they arise. We know the development review and entitlement process thoroughly and have learned how to identify and anticipate planning prerequisites beforehand.

We know you can go to anyone else for your planning and landscape architectural needs – our goal is to earn your trust and confidence, so you won’t have to. A high level of repeat clientele suggests we attain this goal frequently.

Our turnkey entitlement method brings together all professional disciplines needed to complete every development application in a timely and cost-effective way. It works well, and our clients appreciate it. In our over two-decades of offering professional land planning and entitlement services, our unique talents have resulted in a 100% review agency approval rate of our development applications for projects throughout Colorado.

Services Palette:

Urban Planning & Community Design
Zoning and Entitlement Coordination
Development Planning
Landscape Architecture
Irrigation System Design
Construction Documents
Contract Administration

Marketing Support

Our Team will work with your architect and marketing director to ensure accurate and attractive representations of built products are included in sales and presentation brochures. We can provide in-house small run printing of high quality brochures and most other graphic support materials to help facilitate turnaround time; printing of most graphic support materials can often be provided within 24 hours.

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Product Packaging:

Graphic Illustration
Marketing Materials
Sales Office Support Materials
Community Theme Development
Project Identity and Logo Creation
Investor Relations

Project Manuals

Project Manuals created by William Guman & Associates are highly effective presentation tools used to assist conveying development concepts for investor relation and marketing teams. Illustrated renderings, plan graphics, and project data are combined into a high quality printed & bound 11×17 guide and lend themselves well for public presentations when converted to an electronic format.

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Post Design:

Contract Administration
Client and Contractor Support
Construction Observation
Final Affidavit Processing

Community Theming:

Community Theming is an extension of our turn-key Development Planning and Entitlement offerings.

Services include logo creation, “branding” and project identification, marketing brochure design, development of graphic materials for sales team support, media releases, and investor relations.

Community Theming

Public Process:

If you shortchange the public’s input it quickly becomes evident at a Public Hearing. Most Boards and Commissions ask if you included the public in your planning process, and you can count on the public to tell them if you indeed have – or if they felt their input was ignored.

The public’s influence in the development review process should never be underestimated. Guman firmly advocates that anyone who has this level of influence should also be regarded as a stakeholder, and is vital to the success of any development proposal.

As a former Architectural Review Board member for the City of Colorado Springs, City Planning Commissioner, Regional Building Commissioner, and a twice-elected City Councilman, Bill Guman knows from firsthand experience what those who have the authority to approve a development proposal want to see before casting their vote.

Guman uses the knowledge acquired from two decades of public service in working successfully at the highest level with entities that have the jurisdiction to decide whether or not a project will move forward.”